Hello? This is Hongjun Lee, CEO of Digitalcurve, Inc.,
We sincerely welcome your visit to our website.

Digitalcurve, Inc., brings the digital world a little closer to the real world.
It is an IT company that was founded with the dream of reaching out.
Founded in 2010, Digitalcurve, Inc., is based on its technology and core talents.
iPhone/Android-based to make real life more convenient
We specialize in developing smartphone applications.

Mobile phones are now more than just bilateral communication products.
It is now growing into an industry that creates infinite added value in the palm of your hand,
Digitalcurve will also grow together with the dream of infinite possibilities.

For the realization of mobile life and a more convenient world
Better, developing more creative paradigms
Please keep an eye on the growth process of Digitalcurve.
I appreciate it.
Digitalcurve's organization consists of two teams and one business headquarters.
R&D personnel account for 90% of the total workforce structure.
Representative: Hong jun Lee, CEO
Responsible for: Ye Rim Song Employee
Email address: admin@digitalcurve.co.kr
Corded telephone: 02-711-9323
Contact Number: 010-2224-9323
Fax: 02-6357-9324

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